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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  June 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda ald. son his life. one year later: it is my absolute duty to find justice for him. >> a minor fender-bender cost her son his life. one year later she is on a mission to keep hope alive for finding his killer. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. brian webb is at the presidio in san francisco where a
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fundraiser is just wrapping up. brian. >> reporter: well, nakano loved sports. he was actually playing basketball the night he was killed. so today a little golf to raise a little money to keep aya nakano's memory alive. >> reporter: a day of golf, food and fun. during a tough time for a still grieving mother. >> today is the celebration of aya's life, everything that he stood for, everything that he is all about, the love that he gave. >> reporter: maria lost her son a year ago this week, 22-year- old aya nakano was shot to death after a fender-bender in north oakland. the killer fled market street in a silver hatchback and got away. >> i'm his mother. i will always be his mother. and it is my absolute duty to find justice for aya. >> reporter: since that day, maria tried to honor her son by
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keeping his case alive, buying billboard space and raising money for a reward. still hoping to find the murderer and justice. >> he gave us each other. that's his legacy. >> reporter: friends and family hugs and smiles, a year later aya still bringing people together, par for the course for the young man who meant so much. nakano graduated from the university of oregon. some of his school friends are raising money for a bench and it will be placed outside the gym where he loved to play basketball. >> that's a nice tribute, brian. thank you. new tonight, oakland plans to get its red light camera program going again. their contract expired last month putting the brakes on the program but the city is trying to work out the details and iron out any issues over the fees. some cities have stopped red light camera programs but oakland says it's a good reason to give its own program the
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green light. >> there is no question that the red light cameras reduce the amount of accidents in the intersections that they're present so we are committed to the program moving forward. we are going to be releasing requests for proposals from companies to start program over again. >> the city has cameras at 11 intersections now but they won't be working again until there is a new contract. talks between muni and its drivers broke down yesterday and unless something changes, they won't have a deal by tomorrow's deadline. right now, no new talks are scheduled. so at this point, the existing contract would roll over at the beginning of july. the two sides are fighting over worker pension contributions. the dispute prompted a three- day driver sickout earlier this month. no word on whether they plan to do it again. a 9-year-old girl who spend a chilly night alone in marin county state park is back safe with her family again. mark kelly on the hunch that
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helped find her. reporter: this photo captures 9-year-old ida with her mother soon after the little girl was found safe. lieutenant doug pittman was there for the reuniting. do you remember exactly what it was the mom said, ida, where have you been? and i can't help but admit it made me smile when ida responded back, mom, i'm fine. >> reporter: the search began friday. ida's parents last saw her shortly after noon friday. throughout the evening, rescuers continued scouring the thick redwood forest worried ida was not fine. more than 200 people including volunteers searched samuel p. taylor state park. >> this is the largest by size and scale search effort that i have ever been involved with in marin county. >> reporter: in the end two cyclists who lived just a few miles from the state park found ida saturday morning shortly before 9:00. >> they were aware of the search taking place here and they intentionally close to come out and ride here in samuel p. taylor with the slight hope they might find ida and to all our benefit they did. >> reporter: the rothschilds
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spent the afternoon recovering in this home inside the park. recovering from a long night. rescuers say the family is grateful for the successful search-and-rescue effort. >> rightfully so, their attention is to ida. but they did take a moment to thank all the searchers who were involved here today. >> reporter: the lieutenant doesn't know what caused ida to wander off but he believes something in the woods caught her eye and she did not know how to return back to camp. in marin county, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the family is from new mexico and on vacation. her mother is from marin county. meanwhile, the search for a missing uc-berkeley student has expanded in a remote part of el dorado county. vernon cody matthews was last heard from just before he went on a hike last week. investigators think he started out from the family's cabin near icehouse reservoir. he had been staying there by himself and didn't have a car.
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the sheriff's dive team is expanding the search of the american river and the chp is using a helicopter. still ahead, a guy tried to kayak from california to hawaii. he came up short. the minor malfunction that left him high and dry. >> the president of the united states. [ applause and cheers ] >> plus, how a group of uc students convinced the president to come to their graduation. >> and changes ahead in the weather department. your forecast is coming up after a break.
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far. the 57-year-o a guy trying to kayak from california to hawaii didn't get very far. the 57-year-old set off from monterey on may 30th and 11 days later a solar panel that charged his electronic navigation equipment failed. so he had to turn back. a search helicopter spotted him tuesday 60 miles off the santa barbara coast. the kayaker was not hurt. >> that's ambitious. an extremely rare bird sighting in the bay area. an endangered california condor was spotted and photographed in san mateo county! you know it's a condor when you see the radio tag on its wing. it's the first time a condor has been spotted in san mateo county in more than a century.
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students at uc-irvine got the pep talk of a lifetime today. >> joy benedict on how they convinced president obama to be their commencement speaker. >> hello. >> reporter: it was a greeting the president never thought he would say but the class of 2014 at the university of california irvine is sure glad he did. >> the uc-irvine community sent 10,000 postcards to the white house asking me to come speak today. >> reporter: president barack obama gave the keynote commencement speech to more than 6,000 graduates and their families a request and in short sentences from the class itself. >> i got one that said i went to your first inauguration. can you please come to my graduation? >> reporter: but with an audience of artists, healers and innovators the president's platform of change centered on the environment. >> climate change is no longer a distant threat but has moved firmly into the present! >> reporter: he stressed cleaner fuels, reusable energy and the jobs healing our planet would provide. >> we are going to need you the
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next generation to finish the job. we need scientists to design new fuels. we need farmers to help grow 'em. we need engineers to invent new technologies. [ applause and cheers ] >> we need entrepreneurs to sell those technologies. >> reporter: students say they plan to take on the challenge. >> recycling and cleaner energy. >> definitely would be something i have to look more -- i'm interested in looking more into now. >> reporter: but those in attendance say what resonated most was obama's message of encouragement. >> cynicism is a choice. hope is a better choice. >> reporter: the president stressed that the education these students received is the foundation they need to move themselves and our world forward. >> i ask you to believe in yourselves and in one another and above all when life gets you down or somebody tells you, you can't do something, to believe in something better. >> reporter: he finished with a
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cheer for these students today and a vision for their future. >> i cannot wait to see what you do tomorrow. congratulations. thank you, class of 2014. >> reporter: joy benedict, cbs news. >> and the president will spend father's day on vacation in rancho mirage and leave california on monday. it is no secret the drought is hitting california crops hard and soon, you could be the one paying the price. ,,
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drought just keeps growing.
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big northern california pist the impact of california's drought keeps growing. a big northern california pistachio producer says its crop is in trouble. melissa cabral said you could pay the price on your next trip to the store. >> we have a serious problem. >> reporter: he is worried about water. >> i don't have a crystal because but i believe this will probably be the worst year we have seen. >> reporter: the plaster county pistachio -- placer county pistachio company harvests 2 billion pounds a year. this year he says the water is cut back and costing a lot more money. >> it's created a marketplace for farmers to go out and buy additional water. i'm paying like five times the normal price for water. >> so far, he says they aren't passing the cost to consumers
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but eventually may have to. >> if this continues in the next year, who knows if there's going to be any more water availability. it may not be there. if it is there it may be higher. >> reporter: it's not just his stash years. other crops will suffer, as well. >> if you drive down i-5 you will find out almond and citrus trees pulled out. >> reporter: their only hope is rain this winter. >> we need snowpack. snow is the salvation for everybody in california. >> water storage is the main issue farmers want addressed so the state is better prepared to handle a drought. well, nothing on the horizon in the weather department except fog and low clouds and beautifully setting sun tonight with a few high clouds over the bay area making for a pretty sunset. outside now, you can see we have partly cloudy skies as we gaze over the skyline. and at the numbers. still warm in concord. it's 83 degrees at quarter to
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7:00. oakland 66. livermore 79. san francisco 66. santa rosa 73. by 8:00 tonight the numbers take a tumble down to the mid- 50s along the shoreline into the upper 60s inland. and if you head out tonight to watch the a's take on the yankees at the coliseum, game time temperature 64 degrees. it will be breezy and fair skies. out the door tomorrow, doesn't look too bad but more fog and low clouds along the shoreline in the early going tomorrow than we had today. and tomorrow afternoon the numbers recover to the low 80s inland but will cool down 5 to 8 degrees inland in the bay area and more along the shoreline. livermore, rodeo, temperature in the 80s, same for san mateo county fair this weekend but the event center sunshine warm plenty of sunshine except at the shoreline help the kept us warm for the past couple of days and high finally gets eased off a
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little bit. sea breeze cools us down on sunday. mount diablo sunny, cooling off tomorrow even cooler on monday. then we have a warming trend again on tuesday that will send numbers back into the upper 80s. so something for everybody in the coming week along the shoreline the numbers remaining in the 60s all week long. pacifica tomorrow at 62 degrees. 63 half moon bay. 82 at los gatos. 78 for morgan hill. over in the east bay we are looking at 80 at walnut creek, 82 brentwood, 80 degrees at livermore, fairfield, travis air force base warmer than that in the carquinez strait. north bay nice with fog and low clouds along bodega bay and stinson beach. numbers in the low 60s. 77 though at petaluma. 78 at san rafael. up in santa rosa 78 degrees. santa rosa home of alfred hitchcock's shadow of a doubt shot there in 1942. 88 in cloverdale tomorrow.
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80 at clearlake. 81 degrees lakeport 78 at st. helena. five-day forecast, we are looking at numbers tomorrow falling about five degrees. inland 80s, 70s around the bay. tuesday, wednesday, thursday numbers back up to the mid-80s inland. around the bay mid-70s. along the coast, low 60s will do it. so looks like a good week ahead. pretty good week for camp, too, ann. >> sure is. the 49ers teamed up with former coach steve mariucci this weekend for a good cause hosting the football camp for the stars at valley christian school. it gives kids with down syndrome the chance to go through a real nfl style camp. each child is paired with a coach and a player from valley christian's team. >> i want our guys to learn that you don't shy away from people with differences, that you can meet people and forge relationships with people like this and it will enhance your life. >> the idea for the camp began at valley christian but it has since spread to other schools
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across the country. i love mike mashhad doe. he doesn't need a microphone. you can hear him from the parking lot. it just sounds broadcast quality. >> you been talking to the 9ers yourself. >> i have. i have. yeah, football camp has been running rampant. i spent some time with the 49ers the last couple of days. we'll hear from one who is ready for the seahawks. strange stuff can happen in the outfield at at&t park. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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hour... giants... ...ooh...a ugh one at the fin fertilizer all right, baseball up top. the giants. if it wasn't for bad luck they wouldn't have any at all. former yankees skipper joe torre holding court during the game for the rockies. here's how you erase a 3-1 deficit. have buster posey swing away with two on in the fifth. after a sac. fly, the lead by one, sergio romo has to get in and get out of there clean. that's where centerfielder pagan stepped in or rather stumbled. >> it goes by and that's going to tie the game! scoring is blackman and barnes keeps on coming! the three home, it's an inside- the-park home run!>> brandon barnes, rockies went ahead. you know pagan felt bad on the rout he took to get to the ball. he had chance to play hero in the home half of the ninth. he hit a double play ball here. it was close at first. take a look. pagan was called out and that was challenged to replay.
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to out? what is the call? umpires s the s, two straight punc to the gut for t >> he's safe. >> what's the call? >> after a meeting, the umpires say out. and the game is over. to the rockies 5-4 giants lose their second straight game in the 9th. 5-4. >> i think that makes it that much more special because they have given us fits especially here and in late, uhm, fashion. we have been walked off quite a few times. unbelievable things happened inside-the-park homeruns so it's nice to give them a dose of their own medicine. plenty of these statues around the u.s. open pinehurst course. every time phil mickelson got a chance in round 3 today, it was trouble. this the fifth hole. it's on and then off to death valley. a plus 2, 72 today. the leader martin kaymer a small bump in the road also out of the pit. he gets out of the yuck. set up an eagle.
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kaymer would maintain his lead but ricky fowler, yeah, has played his way into it made up five strokes with a 3-under currently sits 5 strokes back in second by himself. kaymer shot a 72, and at 8- under it is still his tournament to lose going into the final round tomorrow. soccer, world cup, day 3. powerhouse england and italy. italy in blue. italy up 1-nil. here comes england, danielster -- daniel sturridge ties the game at the half. that's a beaut! but here come the italians minute 50. big hitter mario balotelli! and that's your winner. italy beats england, final 2-1. look who had a football camp. 49er linebacker patrick willis obviously photo opportunity at santa clara high school this week.
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and willis and his coaches shepherded about 400 kids for roughly 5 hours of drills and instructions. here's one thing weighing on the minds of these kids and fans around there. >> we'll get out of here with this one in front of all these people, are you going to get seattle? >> yeah ! >> no choice. they are the best in the division. if we want to be the best, we have to take the crown. so we'll see. >> all right. more my chat with patrick willis or p-willie as we like to call him coming up on game day on kpix 5 at 11:30. 3 on 2, across, the shot -- score!! [ screaming ] >> one time junior shark member alec martinez here won the cup last night for the l.a. kings in double overtime over the rangers.
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thrill of victory and if a picture said it all, look at ranger goaler henrik lundqvist. he made 48 saves for the rangers and not enough. hard to fathom that the sharks were one win away from sending these kings packing. and now the kings celebrate their second cup in the last three years. >> first of all, everybody had us going home late april since we were down to the sharks 3-0. >> after it went in i think i blacked out. i might --i think i tossed my gear. but --like i said, i'm just so happy for these guys. every kid who picked up a hockey stick in their driveway when they're younger has scored that goal before but it's not about me or the goal. it's just about this hockey club. >> towels this year? >> that's kings coach darrell sutter once a head coach of the sharks as you might recall. what most don't know is that his son here, 21-year-old chris was born with down syndrome. and so he too got to hoist the 35-pound cup last night at staples center.
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with ease, i might add. so we have the end of hockey. and by tomorrow night, we could have the end of the nba. >> because the spurs could take out the heat with one more win. we do have the world cup. >> all right. >> u.s. plays monday. >> all righty. thank you, vern. we'll see you again at 11. >> news and weather always on appreciate your watching. have a good evening. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> hey everybody. welcome to california bountiful. i'm your host tracy sellers. i'm glad you could join us today because we have a great show for you. we're always looking for new and exciting things grown here in california and if you think you've seen everything when it comes to citrus, think again. [music] >> we all know what an orange looks like and what a mandarin looks like but what if you combined them? then you would have this. with a name like this you know it has to be big right? it is. the fruit that's called a... in japan where it was first


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